Live Life , Everyone Else is...

So, this is my first post because of course y'all know I works (in my NeNe Leakes voice); but I thought my introductory post should be about a liberating experience. If you don't follow me on Instagram then... You Sleep. Never-the-less, back in June I went to the Pride parade by myself in Chicago. I had the oppr to meet so many people. Rather they were dressed in extreme colorful clothing, or wearing nothing at all, everyone just seemed to have a moment in time where they were truly and fully themselves. I've battled some time, not with sexuality, but with liberation. All to often we spend time worried about others ; rather it be opinion, feelings, actions or just trying to keep up with everyone. As I've matured it's helped me fully evaluate who I am, what I love to do and where I want to be in life. With that being said that's why I started "The Library Podcast" , this has become my muse my form of expression and my way to truly be myself. I was passionate about talking "real $hit", in a up front and sarcastic way but was immediately nervous because growing up in a "Black" home , you are taught to be a lady. The question is WTF is a Lady anyway, I battled with having a potty mouth (hence the name) and being uncomfortable to speak truth while sitting on the sidelines and watching men do the exact same thing I did ; or talk about the exact same things , but because I was a woman it wasn't accepted. Moral of the Fuk*ng story is discover who you are and be FULLY that, at the end of the day sh*t you gotta pay your own taxes.

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